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Explanation of ratings

Explanation of Ratings:
10 Classic Every couple of years you'll see one of these.
8-9 Great Worth seeing on a Friday night. This is on your "must see" list.
6-7 Good High on your list of things you'd see.
4-5 Decent Matinee or video; reluctantly on your list of things you're willing to see.
2-3 Poor Would not recommend this to anyone. Wished you brought a book.
1 Bad Painful to watch. Conside#660066 walking out.
0 Garbage Not only didn't like it, but passionately hated it. Would pay money to NOT see it again.
Rating comments:
Diane 0 = "Weekend At Bernie's 2"
Edwin I'm going to try to keep my ratings low. I don't want to taint the meaning of the "10" rating. Anything above "5" has some #660066eeming quality. Not that I recommend you take our ratings seriously, but keep in mind that I like almost every movie I see. Also, if I haven't reviewed a movie, just go with what the fat guy likes. I agree with him every time.
About the critics:
Diane Diane has years and years of criticizing under her belt. With one year of marriage passed, she is in top form.
Edwin When you think of just sitting there in front of the screen, you think of Edwin. Since Sesame Street and Mr. Rogers, Edwin has been a fan of the arts.