Concert Reviews

Event Diane Edwin
U2 * PopMart Tour
w/Fun Lovin' Criminals
RFK Stadium


It felt like they were trying to replace my own heartbeat with their bass. We sat so close Bono seemed like a real person rather than the larger-than-life icon you see on TV and in magazines. He's actually pretty short!


What else would you expect? The special effects were awesome as well as our 4th row seats. We were so close that my friend Dan threw his panties at Bono.
Barenaked Ladies * Pirate Ship
9:30 Club


They were funnier several years ago, but they are still good, wholesome, and just plain fun. The Bogmen's lead singer was HILariOUS.


They were good and funny. Their "adlibs" were the best. The Bogmen were surprisingly good. Their music is better than their vocals.
Sarah McLachlan * Fumbling Toward Ecstasy Tour
Merriweather Post


If you ever have the chance to see this combination of musicians, take it. I was in awe of the music. Chieftain's guest musician would play a violin like you've never heard before. You'd forget it's a violin by the end of the song.... Then they'd do the same with the flute.


You really appreciate her talent live. Great voice, great music. We were one of the few male/female couples there. Not that there's anything wrong with that. The Chieftains were excellent as well.
Mary Chapin Carpenter
Wolf Trap


I could take or leave this one, not my type of music. Wolftrap is always a treat though, no matter who you see there.


Not my style of music nor do I like sitting outside on grass. This was for the cheese-eating, wine-sipping, I-like-country-music-because-its-popular-now crowd.