Scrabble Tips

"Your web page is the greatest!"
"You are very creative."
"I wish I could have a website like yours"

That is what you'd think I'd hear when I tell people to visit our website. No, what I hear instead is "Where are your Scrabble tips?", "I can't wait until you get your Scrabble tips up there", "Hurry with the Scrabble tips already". I had "Scrabble Tips Coming Soon" on my original page and it was meant to be a joke, but here you are...

Welcome to my page of Scrabble tips. After you read this, you'll be better than I am because I'm an engineer and my last English class was in 12th grade. Not to mention, I went to high school in Bolivia where we spent the class reading aloud from the text. Forgive me if these tips are basic. That's all I use. I am an average Scrabble player at best.

Basic Tips
bulletMove your letters around a lot. You always see things you didn't see before when you rearrange your letters.
bulletUse the bonus points. Find a way to put your high letter points on the high point tiles. Most people try to use most of their letters. Wrong. Go for the score.
bulletRemember that all the letters on the board are your letters. Don't only focus on your 7 letters. You have to put your tiles somewhere.
bulletIf you have two words with the similar amount of points, consider using the word that gets rid of your harder-to-use letters. In other words, save your easy to use letters for the next round.

Intermediate Tips
bulletUse good score tiles like Triple Letter Score even if you don't take advantage of it. This prevents your opponent from using it.
bulletConversely, try not to set your opponent up with good locations like the Triple Word Score.
bulletDon't use your J, X, or Z unless you can get at least double for them. (Exception: It's late in the game and you need to dump your tiles.)
bulletIn general, you should get rid of your Q as soon as possible. Odds are you won't gain anything by trying to save it for the knockout punch. That's what your J, X, and Z are for.
bulletMake words parallel to the words on the board. Against average players, this is the key to winning. Plus you can use this to reach Triple Word Scores and other good bonus points.

  H I T
C A T  

If you put CAT down, you get CAT, HA, and AT. Basically, you doubled the value of your A and T.

bulletUse your 'S' and blank tiles wisely. This works similiarly to the trick above. Get points with other peoples' tiles.


If you put ASK down. You not only get points for ASK, but you get points for CATS. You scored points for 7 tiles when you only put down 3.

bulletLearn the two-letter words. There aren't that many. This allows you to put words down virtually anywhere you want.
Expert Tips (I Don't Use These)
bulletStart memorizing the dictionary. The more words you know, the more ammunition you have.
bulletUsing all 7 of your tiles is called a 'Bingo'. Know which letters are more likely to be used in a bingo and save these tiles. In championship caliber matches, this is the only strategy used and the winner has an average of 3 bingos per game.
I'll add more tips as I think of them, but that is really the basis of the game. The best tip is to play people that are worse than you.