Aries ISTJ Dog Metal Prosperous Friend 153 80

bullet Aries (Astrology): We get along with other Aries and Libras. Element: Fire. Quadruplicity: Cardinal. Ruler: Mars. Natural House: 1st. Parts of the body associated with Aries: The head. Keywords: I Am. Energy, leadership, competitiveness, will, aggressiveness.
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bullet INTP: My personality has changed! I was a ISTJ (see below), but I've shifted to I 78, N 33, T 75, P 37. I've taken a couple of other tests and it seems like I flip-flop between J and P. (2008)
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bullet Old type ISTJ/Inspector or INTJ (Meyers-Briggs): Personality of most fund managers, Cliff Clavin, and Eeyore.   I 89, S 1, T 67, J 78 (1996)
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bullet Dog (Chinese Astrology Sign): People born in the Year of the Dog are faithful and devoted and will never let you down. They are honest and trustworthy to those they love. But they are plagued by constant worry and have a tendency to be possessive and to find fault. Their courage will lead them to accomplish even the most daunting tasks. Famous Dogs include: David Bowie, Naomi Campbell, Judy Garland, Socrates, George Gershwin, Benjamin Franklin, Herbert Hoover, David Niven.

1999 - The Year of Rabbit, Generally speaking, this will be a good year for you. You will get some help from your mother's side family, and the business you partnering with should succeed. It is also a year for romance, so love is in the air. Nevertheless, beware of illness and thief. February is the month for romance, but take good care of your health. You'd better be careful in March and July, especially with car and friends. October is the month of opportunity, hold on to the chance, and something wonderful will happen.

1998, the Year of Tiger, will bring financial advantage for you Dog People. Try to invest if you can and put 100% effort into your work or business, the return you get will keep you smiling through the year.And yet, be careful choosing your friends, one of them might turn his or her back on you. February will be a very good month for you. And change is on its way in July. - Chinese Lunar Calendar
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bullet Wood (or maybe Metal) (Chinese Astrology Element): Earth produces Metal, Metal destroys Wood, and Metal produces Water. Thus, Metal controls Wood, Metal destroys Wood, Fire controls Metal, Water dissolves Metal, Fire destroys Metal, and Metal dissolves Earth. Plus, Water Masks Metal and Metal Masks Earth. And, Metal is enemy to Wood, Metal is neutral to Earth, and Metal is friend to Fire. Finally, Metal imprisoned in Spring, dies in Summer, helps in the Sixth Month, flourishes in Autumn, retires in Winter. Got it?

bullet Prosperous friend. (name meaning): "Edwin" is Old English for "Prosperous friend". Vincent is Latin for "Conquerer".
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bullet 160 (IQ): According to an obviously unreliable, quick test. Frankly, I didn't understand the instructions. This European IQ Test uses numbers and shapes and is supposed to be unbias for gender and race. The last time I took this test several years ago I got a 153. I'm getting smarter. I took another test that was English and grammer oriented and got 111. (I wouldn't place money on either of these tests (in fact, I think some of their answers may be wrong), or even the IQ system in general. It measures something, but it doesn't necessarily apply to real life).
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bullet 60 (EQ): I was robbed! I'm going to punt kick the next cute puppy I see. (After reading the correct answers, I realized I would never score high on this 10 question test. I think it's really a test on optimism and unrealist expectations. To make me feel better, I took a different emotional quotient test altogether and got a 112). The last time I too this test several years ago I got an 80.
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Thanks to Shea Young. I lifted some of the personality links from her site.