People Who Make Me Laugh

Brian Regan... I really think he did spend some time on the moon. He is the funniest man alive.
Sound clips: 1, 2, 3, 4
Dan... Just cuz
Who else could you call "Nancy"?
He will have his own wing at the GBOWWR Hall of Fame.
Last name "Quiram". Any more questions?
Mark... Because his catfight comment during ballroom dancing was too funny
Chris... Ask him for his Leslie Nielsen impression
Toad... His response to every one of my comments is "Oh, you're ready for kids then."
     Me: "I think they should've kicked the field goal."
     Him: "Oh, you're ready for kids then."
His cleaning tactics make him a role model for all.
David Lettermen... Dave + Taco Bell = hours of wacky fun
George Carlin... Indiscriminate in the way he offends everyone
Bob Newhart... Comic genius
Homer Simpson... His goals are my goals
George Costanza... The most lazy, selfish person in the world