Top Ten List

Top 10 Good Things About Being Married
10. Never having to write a 'thank you' note again.
9. No longer referred to as 'that single loser'...'Married loser' sounds much better.
8. There's always someone around to let you know when you're using the wrong fork or eating with your mouth open.
7. You're done with wedding plans...until your next marriage.
6. You can make fun of your friends for having to sit through all those football games when they could be shopping for furniture.
5. The power trip of being in charge of taking out the trash.
4. You enjoy waiting in line for a State Inspection? Now you can do it twice as many times!
3. Always someone around to put their cold feet on you.
2. Hanging out in Victoria Secret is much less awkward.
And the number one reason...
1. Never running out of deposit slips!